Greener Pet Choices – Growing by Consumer Demand

Whether it’s all natural, green, holistic or organic, greener pet products are heavily influencing the choices pet owner consumers are making for their pets, as well as the decisions pet business owners are making for their companies.

In the October 2007 Newsweek article “How to Cut your Carbon Pawprint”, market-research firm Packaged Facts provides statistics of U.S. retail sales of natural pet products expected to reach $1.3 billion in 2007, up from $558 million in 2003. By 2012, the market should reach $2.5 billion.

According to American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Americans spent an overall total of $41.2 billion on pet care in 2007, up from $38.5 billion in 2006 and $36.3 billion in 2005. It is estimated that pet owners will spend $43.4 billion in total pet expenditures in 2008.

With the rise in greener pet choices, pet owners are now paying closer attention to the products and services they buy, leading pet business owners to pay closer attention to the products and services they sell as well as how their business is marketed.

It is now easier than ever for pet owners to try anything from organic food and treats to recycled pet toys, leashes and collars made from hemp, all natural shampoos and grooming products, bio-degradable waste bags, kitty litter and pans.

In Arlene Satchell’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, “South Florida’s businesses tap booming pet care Industry”, Satchell explains how organic foods and natural treats are popular pet food alternatives in Miami. Businesses serving Miami pet owners include numerous pet food stores that sell natural gourmet treats and foods with ingredients that promote wellness. For about $55 to $150 per month, customers can choose breed-specific, cooked to order natural gourmet meals and treats for their pets from one store. Another natural pet business owner in the area opened shop after losing his dog to cancer, and he started looking for healthier alternatives to feed his pets.

The increased awareness of the impact pets have on the environment along with the eco-friendly and natural pet alternatives becoming more widely acceptable have opened the minds of pet and business owners resulting in a green-hungry audience seeking new and possibly non-traditional ways to live a greener lifestyle.

One city’s approach to tackle pet-induced global warming includes a proposal to improve the urban problem of pet waste.

“American dogs and cats produce 10 million tons of waste a year”, as Will Brinton, a scientist in Mount Vernon, Maine, and one of the world’s leading authorities on waste reduction and composting said in an article in The San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco, a city where animal feces make up nearly 4 percent of its residential waste, is considering “poop power” or, turning pet waste into methane which can in turn heat homes, cook meals, and generate electricity.

For cities where electricity is not generated by pet waste, or for pet businesses like pet sitters, dog walkers, or trainers, that offer services rather than products, a green pet website is an easy option that any pet business can choose when making decisions about how their website is designed, developed, maintained, and powered. A green pet website? Yes, it is possible.

Carbon neutral hosting is the act of balancing out harmful greenhouse gasses generated from the servers that power internet websites. By choosing carbon neutral hosting, pet businesses can offset the carbon emissions generated by the servers that power their website.

From pet food to green websites to how one city wants to put their pet waste to better use, any way you look at it the green path is being carved and it is leading right into the homes and businesses of pet owners all across the country in search of healthier pets and a greener tomorrow.

Molly is a pet lover and professional pet website designer for, an eco-friendly company featuring green hosting power, and can help any pet business reach an online audience quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Start A Pet Gift Baskets Business

Gift baskets for special occasion gifts are very popular. We always buy gift baskets with gourmet foods and other treats for family that lives out of town for Birthdays, Christmas, and Mothers Day. It’s something that easy to order and always appreciated!

As pet owners spend more money pampering their pets they are purchasing more special gifts for their furry family too. With so many great treats, shampoos, toys, clothing, and accessories now available for pets it is easy to start a business making pet gift baskets by mixing these products together to make an attractive basket that pet owners will love.

Birthdays and Christmas are obvious pet gift basket sales opportunities but you could also put together themed baskets for St Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, and as welcome home gifts for families with a new puppy or kitten. You could also market baskets by product theme. For example you could make a super grooming basket, all natural treat basket, travel basket, toy basket, or pet loss gift basket. Or why not put together baskets specialized with products for a particular breed. You could even provide a catalog of products to choose from so that customers can custom make their own unique basket.

Pet baskets could be marketed to pet lovers by placing displays with your business cards in local pet stores, grooming salons, doggie day care facilities, or boarding facilities. You could also sell them on the web via a website or at a chamber of commerce location. Think of some of the places pet owners go to spoil their pets and you have found your perfect market.

Pet gift baskets also make great items for pet businesses to donate to silent auction events and raffles to promote their business. Why not promote them to local pet business owners too!

All you need to make a great basket is the basket itself, some filler to place inside the basket, a cellophane shrink bag, and a decorative finish. Most large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels stock these items and you can also buy them wholesale online.

You need to make sure you price your baskets to cover labor, supplies and the items in the basket. A good rule of thumb is to price the basket at twice the cost of the items that you put into the basket.

Gift Basket Wholesale Supply is a great resource for articles about the gift basket business and crafty ideas to make baskets look great. They even offer a free course about making baskets at their site. If you do a Google search on gift baskets you will find many more websites offering advice about the gift basket business.

If you already own a grooming salon, pet sitting business, pet store, dog day care, or boarding facility, pet gift baskets could be a great seasonal profit boost. You can offer these to your clients just by displaying samples in your store to generate conversation.

Pet Daycare

Nowadays, pet owners consider their pets as members of the family. Pet owners try to provide their pets with the comfort and the care they would provide family members. As a result, a demand for certain pet services like pet grooming have been created, as pet owners try to provide the best for their pets. A number of business opportunities have also been created for entrepreneurs who wish to cash in on this demand. Among these opportunities, one that has become lucrative is holding a pet daycare. There is a huge demand for daycare services among pet owners especially for pet owners who leave the house and do not want to leave their pets all alone. The good news is that for people who want to open up a pet daycare.

There are some steps that entrepreneurs can take that can help them get a good start on their pet daycare business. One of these includes embarking on a learning process about the pet daycare business. This is important because knowing every detail of the business can help business owners to take further steps that can ensure success. It is then important for business owners to come up with a business plan, which can help them strategize and plan the operations of the business. The business plan should include the ways by which the performance of the business could be monitored and evaluated.

It would also be a good idea for business owners to evaluate the competition as well, as this can help them come up with ways that they can distinguish themselves from other similar companies. In addition, business owners also need to provide excellent customer service, which they can do by talking with their customers and responding to their needs and concerns.

Starting up a pet day care business has become a lucrative business options for entrepreneurs because there is a huge demand for pet daycare services from pet owners. By doing enough research, an entrepreneur can maximize the opportunities that running a pet day care service can provide.

Petting Sitting Information – Start Your Own Business

You need to gather pet sitting information before you can get to invest in a pet sitting business. Starting a pet sitting business can be very rewarding and profitable. This simple yet involving kind of business requires some high levels of dedication to your work. You can help many people with dog sitting as they attend to other more pressing issues in their lives such as going to work. Whatever you do in pet sitting, information will always play a key role in determining your success or failure. Pet sitting information can be gathered from a number of sources.

The following steps can help you to break down your search for pet sitting information and allow you to start your own business.

Set Clear Goals: You need to take some time to set your goals. Decide on what you want to accomplish and write down your goals. The goals will provide you with a guide and your efforts will be extended towards the attainment of the goals. The goals should be written down.

Have a Plan: The plan will be your roadmap to the attainment of your goals. The plan should be elaborate and well thought-out. You will have to read the plan on a regular basis in the pursuit of your goals.

Setup a Website: In all business spheres today, competition has been taken to the Internet. It is practically hard for a business to succeed without a website. Customers or clients go to the web when seeking for a service or a product. To succeed you need to have a website. The website needs to tell the customers more about your business and the services you offer. From the website the customers need to know if your pet sitting business can be able to take care of their pets. Provide information on the kind of pets that you deal with.

Website Optimization and Advertising: Advertising the business is important. Word of mouth is probably the most effective way of advertising. You can get to communicate to people about your business verbally. You can also post flyers on bulletin boards. The website also needs to be optimized to give it a good rank in search engines and allow visitors to see it.

First impressions last, you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Your business should be well-organized. The impression that you create will determine if you do actually get business or not. To make a lasting first impression you will need to dress properly for any meeting with a client. The introductions that you make during your first meeting with the client are important, introduce yourself to the pet and the pet owner.

You need to assure the pet owner about your love for pets. You can sit on the floor for some time as you play with the pet a bit. Provide your credentials and show the pet owner your insurance policy. These are some of the things you can do to create a good first impression and reassure your customers. Provide your pet sitting information clearly to the customer.