The Two Minute Guide on How to Start a Photography Business

Are you one of those people who can’t wait to show off those holiday snaps as soon as you return home? And then can’t resist using ‘Photoshop’ with your most picturesque images, which you then enlarge and display proudly in your home? If the answers yes, then why not think about trying to turn your hobby into a money making venture by starting a photography business and becoming a professional photographer!

With digital photography it’s incredibly easy to take and produce photos, but before you think about starting a new career in photography it’s always advisable to carry out some research, acquiring tips and advice on purchasing photography essentials and how to take those great shots that others will want to buy. Why not subscribe to an online magazine and receive monthly updates that will teach you everything you need to know to create photographic masterpieces, time and time again?

Then start creating a portfolio that you can display as a hard copy as well as online. You probably won’t want to just specialize in just one type of photography at first. Ask friends and family to sit for you as a means to provide material to advertise your portrait photography business. You can combine an enjoyable family day trip with an opportunity to acquire beautiful images and even try out your photography techniques on the family pet to provide stock to advertise your pet photography business. Why unlike us, do pets always make a great photo? Offer to photograph family parties or even a friends wedding to gain confidence and experience and add to your portfolio to advertise your wedding photography business. Set up your own website or display your work for free on social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook etc.

Start marketing your photography business. Some local newspapers allow free ads or you could try using free listing online services. Print off your own photography business cards and flyers, which can be distributed to appropriate venues. Drop off supplies to local play groups, dog grooming parlours, perhaps even offering a free sitting as an enticement.

Book a stall at local street markets, arts exhibitions or wedding fayres. You can display your masterpieces and not just make some sales but also promote your photography business. Always have a supply of business cards or flyers to hand as well as making your portfolio available.

Offer additional services such as uploading images on to souvenir items such as table mats or mugs or printing t-shirts. Check out online sites such as for all your printing requirements.

Make contact with newspapers, magazines, online businesses etc enclosing examples of your work and enquiring about freelance work. Consider offering some images for free as a useful means of advertising.